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Letting Go of Loved Ones

Letting Go of Loved Ones The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

One of the most difficult things you will do during this period of great change is to say goodbye to someone you love. We are social creatures, but familiar faces do more than just bring us comfort. Whether they are family or friends, those we interact with the most contribute to our sense of self. Loved ones provide foundation and support and bear witness to our journey. They act as mirrors that reflect our actions and behaviors and are barometers for our personal development.

Even when a relationship becomes frictional and more difficult to maintain, we often feel defined by the years and therefore obliged to stay together, regardless of whether it is healthy for us. Losing a friend makes us feel as though we have lost a part of ourselves, as though we have failed in some way, and that undermines our fundamental sense of well-being. We hang on to some relationships for far too long, determined to see them through to the bitter end. And sometimes it does become bitter.

We, as spirits in the illusion of individual expression here on this planet, may have lessons and contracted experiences on the docket that cannot be shared with another. This might create imbalance in a relationship that leads to resentment, judgment, and even outright conflict, all of which can result in a parting of ways.