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Essences of Nature: Make the Right Choice

Essences of Nature: Make the Right Choice Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We know what it feels like when we make the wrong choice: We suffer. We regret. We ruminate. We second-guess ourselves. We wish we had another chance. We feel stuck and stagnate. We stay up nights attempting to retrace choices and going over things we could have done or said for a better outcome. We hang on, perhaps waiting for the opportunity to turn a wrong into a right.

How do we make the right choice? How do we gain clarity? How do we trust what we know and have faith when we don’t know? What appeals to our senses and our sensibilities? How do we take a leap of faith when we can’t see the safety net? What choice is the right choice?

To Broaden Perception

Scleranthus essence is nicknamed our multiple-choice essence when we can see both sides but have difficulty picking one over the other. As soon as we think we commit to one, we see the attractive and compelling attributes of the other. We then change our minds to the “better” choice but feel trapped by our decision. We continue to vacillate until we are exhausted.