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The Void

The Void Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

Oh, masters, growing up is always such a bittersweet experience. You want to be free to discover, learn, and create, but you are afraid to turn away from all you have constructed within the illusion of your old reality, even though you know you have outgrown it.

What is that phrase you like so much? “You can never go home again.” You are the ascended! It seems so strange and unfamiliar to you because in this body, in this energy, and in this consciousness, you have never been here before. Yet this is your home. It has never been easy for those of you with emotional bodies to be comfortable with what is unfamiliar to you, but trust is a true test of faith.

You have just left school, you see. You said goodbye to your old friends, teachers, familiar places, and insalubrious haunts. You are all graduates of this place now. Like going away to college, leaving town for greener pastures, or ending a relationship you know no longer serves you, it fills you with excitement and trepidation all at once.