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Help Those Who Suffer

Help Those Who Suffer Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

As you grow older, you find that you fill with greater wisdom and understanding from living. Living forces you to confront the deepest parts of yourself to heal and transform for your highest good.

When you see people suffering around you, how can you turn a blind eye to them? You must realize how they are truly your kin, your sisters and brothers who are in need just as you are. There can be no separation, no distinction based on prejudice and discrimination. There is only the one true Light and the loving devotion that attends that Light.

When I visited with people throughout my beloved India and walked with them to get to know them and understand their perspectives, I learned how to be present and open with them to receive their blessings and gifts. Every person alive has the capacity to share abundance and love in the most perfect way. I saw how the poorest people were actually the most trusted and beautiful beings of Spirit as they worked and lived most graciously. They always wore a smile of genuine care and respect even though they suffered and worked to exhaustion. They never lost sight of the love that they were.