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Essences of Nature: Like What You See in the Mirror

Essences of Nature: Like What You See in the Mirror Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Many of us start the day with an inspection of our appearance. We wash our faces carefully, examining lines, blemishes, bags, and textures. We analyze whether we look tired or whether we fit the look we want to convey. There are helpful essences for the times we look away with dismay because we don’t see what we want reflected in the mirror.

When we see ourselves through our own eyes, we judge with our hearts, and it’s difficult to escape that judgment. What if when we took that first glace in the mirror, we liked what we saw? What if we saw the radiance in our souls shining through our eyes and our playful spirits sparkling in our skin? What if we like what we see?

Pretty Face for Internal Beauty

Pretty face essence addresses any type of distortion in our body image, helping us transform our perceptions of imperfection in our faces. This essence works by adjusting how we see ourselves. We might see out-of-control bulges and blemishes while everyone else just sees us.