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The Act of Love Matters

The Act of Love Matters Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

Sacred children, as you awaken to your God-given talents and insights, make sure that you work for the common good and for the souls who are not able to give voice to their needs and dreams. You who are called by the Brahma, the Creator, the Great Mystery, will feel a special pang in your hearts for demonstrating social justice and compassion.

Reach out to those suffering and in need of assistance for basic living. Know in your hearts that you will make a difference in their lives however you touch and help them with your love. Be devoted to the highest good, and create the best for those around you.

Notice how the children around you respond naturally to other children in need in their midst. They will reach out to share their toys with them and even embrace them in their caring. The children will be deeply touched and healed by this exceptional caring. It is the act of love that matters and counts in multitudinous ways.

Set up a local homeless network in which you know and identify who is living on the streets of your village, town, or city. Bring these sacred sisters and brothers into shelters, churches, and recreation centers when it is bitterly cold or you are in the midst of harsh weather. They need your love and care.