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Be True to Your Divine Nature

Be True to Your Divine Nature Mother of Light and Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, you draw me closer as you seek the deepest parts of you required to live the sacred life. I move within your life-breath because you have come from me. I earnestly desire for you to fulfill your deepest dreams so that you can flourish and soar. Never lose patience as you move step by step on your course.

During this abundant time of light in the Northern Hemisphere, measure your movement toward it so that it can sustain and nourish you within its full force. Allow every cell of your being and temple to resonate with the highest frequency emanating from the love energy contained in the brilliant sunlight.

At the same time, know that you must protect yourself from the extreme ultraviolet rays, since there is less protection from Earth’s atmosphere. Comfortably receive your vitamin D quotient, and then cover yourself in layers of clothing, hats, and sunglasses so you do not burn. Make sure to use a simple, healthy sunscreen that will support your skin’s well-being.