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Humanity's New Earth Landing Sequence

Humanity's New Earth Landing Sequence The Star Elders through Aluna Joy

You have been swimming in a universal Crock Pot (a slow cooker) since December 22, 2012. You have tried to avoid it or merge or simply surrender to the crushing heat of undefined, unknowable transformation with little success no matter which direction you go.

It has been really confusing, as your internal compass has not been pointing to your true north. You are having a hard time holding your center and have wound up losing sight of yourself. Abundance has been challenging. Maintaining your health has been confusing. Relationships have been revaluated and shifted many times.

Many collective mass-consciousness course corrections have left you in the middle of creating something with the highest intent, and then the energy drops out beneath you, and you are left holding on to the unfinished project feeling stunned and wounded.