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Essences of Nature: Sticking to the Story

Essences of Nature: Sticking to the Story Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We are the story we tell ourselves. Sometimes the story is of our greatness and what we have accomplished. We may have sold the screenplay or painting, we may have received the coveted promotion, or we may have graduated with an important degree.

Sometimes the story is of how we got so close to an accomplishment but fell short. Maybe we interviewed for the job we wanted but lost out, or we sold our script and then it got lost in the shuffle. Sometimes our story is how we failed once again to achieve our goals. We are never promoted. We feel stuck, and it seems like the world is conspiring against us.

Sometimes we live for what we want to happen in our lives but do nothing to contribute to it. We want to be a movie star but don't take acting lessons. We want to be a writer but we don't write a word. Everything is stuck in the realm of the mind. We live in our heads but do nothing to create the necessary action to create. How do we translate our thoughts into actions? How do we make our stories reality?