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After the Resurrection, Gaul

After the Resurrection, Gaul Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, I will continue with my life story. What I share with you is how I viewed my life. There may be others who will say, "But that's not what I've heard," and that is okay. I would not stand in front of people and tell them that they are wrong. I only tell you what I remember and how I experienced it.

After the crucifixion and on the day of resurrection when I came out of the tomb and was in my radiance ラ more than I had expected that I would be ラ I had to adjust the light frequency so that ones could see me and behold me as the human being they had known. You have the story in your holy writings about my joining two men walking on the road to Emmaus, and I asked them, "What's the news? What's been going on?" They told me that a great teacher, a rabbi, had been crucified along with two others on the day before. As I walked and I talked with them, they realized who I was. I said to them, "That which I can do and have done, you can do also," although they did not quite believe me. But in a later lifetime, they also resurrected the body, because they knew that the body is a creation of the divine energy.

I went back to Bethany where the upper room was, the mansion where we met on the night before the crucifixion and ate the Passover meal. I went back to Bethany, which was the home of Martha and Mary and Lazarus, and I joined with the Disciples, with my mother, with Mariam, with every one of the friends who wanted to be reminded that I was no longer in the tomb.