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You Are the Power of the Future

You Are the Power of the Future Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, for a long time, you have wondered where your power was. You have wondered, "Where is my power as an individual? What can I do?" I have heard many say, "I am but one person. How can I bring about change in the world? How can I even bring about change in my family or change in my workplace? How can I, as one person, make an impact?"

In truth, you have been making an impact and will continue to make an impact, because you know deep within yourself your purpose: to speak your truth and to put it across in words, in smiles, in support, and in any other way that is appropriate. You put forth the Christ of yourself as you acknowledge the Christ of others.

Behold the Illusion of the Separate Ego

For a long while, you have wondered, "I know Yeshua says that I am an extension of the Father, but I seem separate from the Father/ Mother/God/All That Is. I seem sometimes to be an island unto myself." You have felt that sometimes.