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Helping Lost Souls

Helping Lost Souls Gia on the Rosetta Stone through Sarah Smith

Some time has passed in the making of this channeling. I was going to tell you of a man who was lost and what that does to the soul. He created the Rosetta Stone, which as you know is an ancient artifact that can be used to decipher an old language written on the walls of monuments from ancient times. The man who created the stone has plagued me for some time. He was a man who was so lost on his way that I feared he would never find it — a place where his soul could be at peace. Then came along my channel, who altered it, and by "it" I mean this man's path. She was able to see what his soul needed in order to return home. She was able to speak to his soul and give it what it needed to survive in a world that is ever changing. She saw in him what he needed to hear to make peace with himself. So I am going to begin the reading the way I had originally had planned to, and you will see the progression of his soul.

The Creator of the Rosetta Stone

There was a man who was lost. He could not see his true path. All he could see was what he had lost and what that meant for him, and he was lost to the world. He was a ghost, and if any of you knew what it is like to be a ghost, you would know that it is no existence at all. He would sit and stare at nothingness and mourn his work, the creation of the Rosetta Stone. He would mourn the loss of knowledge that he had thought he alone had access to.

You see, he did it for himself; he created the Stone so he could decipher the glyphs of ancient times. He had a fascination with the mystery schools of old. He wanted to be a part of them so he alone could reap the benefits of the knowledge contained within the writings. When he learned that others had found access to this information because of what he had done, it angered him. He felt lost to their power because it was not his alone. He felt so "ripped off," if you will, that he mourned a time when he alone had access to the schools' gifts. He would curse the day he made the stone and regret doing so. He would sit and wallow in his own energy, waiting for who knows what to make him feel better.