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About First Contact: Conversations with an ET

About First Contact: Conversations with an ET Tom T. Moore

For the past five years, I have communicated telepathically with a member of my soul group, or "cluster," who lives on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System. Many people believe in telepathy, and even universities, such as Duke University, have conducted experiments with two sets of subjects — one group as the senders and the other group as the receivers. What they have not yet discovered is that if both the sender and the receiver were in a light alpha, meditative state, their results could be at the top of the charts after just a little bit of practice.

In addition, the sender and the receiver would not need to be in the same room or across campus. They could be halfway around the world from each other. Also, they would not only be able to send and receive basic information, such as if a shape is square, round, or triangular, but they would be capable of sending and receiving whole sentences.

I've found that you can be across the universe and be able to instantly receive what are called "thought packets" from another being. Naturally, it helps if that being is connected to you, as my "brother on another planet," Antura, is.