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Your Relationship to Gaia

Your Relationship to Gaia Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There's an energy here that represents home, and for some of you it is thick. As my partner translates these words from the thought groups and pictures I give him, it appears to you that it is my voice speaking these words. In the years he has been doing this, the channel is indeed the best that he can be for now, for his translations give you the emotions of the heart as well as the logic of the intellect. Therefore this language is complete, for it is the balance of emotion and intellect that gives you the discernment to judge that what is happening here is real, authentic and accurate.

This past week in your time, my partner was in another country, and I gave him information about Gaia. At the same time, I advised him not to record it so that he could hear it, be part of it, anticipate it and be clearer with the message that would be recorded. That would be the message being recorded right now. So the message this night is all about your relationship to Gaia, what is happening on the planet, some things that you understand, some things that perhaps you don't understand, a review of some things many of you have heard and then a discussion of new things you might not have heard. We start with the energy of remembrance.