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Spiritual Lovefare

Spiritual Lovefare Amma the Divine Mother through Cathy Chapman

Good morning, dear ones. It's always important to prepare yourself as you greet the day. When you get up in the morning and head off to the bathroom, while you are sitting there, I want you to go into your heart source. From your heart source, bring in more energy by spinning your chakras. This increases your protective energy. Remember what the heart source does. When you are in it, your intuition opens. You will be able to know what is true or untrue about what you read or what you hear when you are talking with someone. You'll be able to listen to the news and know that most of it is useless, that there is very little truth in any of it. As you know, truth is not superficial. The news can only be superficial.

Regarding the situation in your Gulf of Mexico, there are many lightworkers who are working to change the energy within the Gulf itself and to save the plant life and marine life that are there. There are many, many people doing that. There are not very many at all working to change the energy of the ones making the decisions. Yes, the truth on one level is what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico is a tragedy of negative consequences. However, the major tragedy, my dear ones, occurred decades ago within the hearts and minds of the ones who made the decision not to use the technology—yes, they did have it available—to prevent this from happening. That is the major tragedy.