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Spirit Release Therapy

Spirit Release Therapy Bob Graham

Imagine, if you will, a lighthouse shining its beam of light out to sea on a dark, rainy night. The lighthouse keeper cannot choose which ships the ray of light guides into port; the light is there for all to see and use. So it is with us. As we become more spiritually aware and powerfully switched on, we begin to shine more brightly, and like the keeper, we cannot decide who or what will become attracted to our lights. We are noticed by both good and bad, and yet to dim our light is unacceptable. Therefore we must learn to cleanse and protect ourselves on a daily basis.

When we do this regularly, we become much more in tune with our bodies and energy systems. Eventually, we begin to notice slight changes, which point to the fact that we have picked up some negative energy. These attachments can be anything from the minor annoyance felt from having brushed against someone (in an energy sense) in the supermarket, to a full-blown, malign spirit attachment. It is important for us all to ask our guides for cleansing and protection daily. This can be carried out in many ways, and there are lots of scripts available, but the key to this work is in the asking, as we all have free will: If you don't ask, you don't get.