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The Self Vortex

The Self Vortex Ruth Evelyn

When it comes to knowing self, there is an awful lot of conditioning to work through just to set aside things like guilt and inconsideration as you turn to look within. Trekking through the veils to greater depths of self is like walking through a carnival funhouse set in the midst of a horror film during a hurricane. You just don't know what's going to happen next, and the resistance to take another step can be monumental. When the earth starts quaking beneath your feet and the walls and mirrors of your belief systems tumble, shatter and remake themselves before your eyes, you simply know you're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

Once you get past being labeled selfish by those not inside your shifting selves—the inside can sometimes seem as unfriendly as the outside—you find that there is a way through, so you keep going. You who turn to discovery of the universe within sometimes wish you could stop the journey, but it is a road you are destined to walk. It is a road every human walks eventually, because "self" is what you are.