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The Results of Constant Pressure

The Results of Constant Pressure Stephanie Clement

As humans, we have the will and power to control and change the world. Our wisdom comes from a combination of intuition and the equanimity that flows from practical wisdom. Astrologically, we have recently experienced months of pressure from Saturn's approach to square Pluto. The retrograde of Saturn from mid-January to the end of May allowed the pressure to ebb, and now the pressure has returned. We have tired of the practical ramifications of this major planetary configuration. For myriad reasons, we are all ready for a change.

To accompany Saturn in Libra on his march to the final square to Pluto in Capricorn during this cycle, we find Jupiter in Aries moving backward to square both planets. For those readers born in the United States, you will be interested to know that the U.S. chart has Venus at the same degree in Cancer! Readers who have planets at 3 and 4 degrees, particularly in the signs named, will feel the pressure of the squares for sure. You might feel moved to take action to nurture others, to invoke your own innate wisdom or to mobilize your power. The rest of us can watch what people do under intense strain and learn how we can help them. We develop our talents too—based on the experience of others, for the most part.