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Practical Methods of Preparedness

Practical Methods of Preparedness Simion through Amariah Mara

We are Simion, the evolutionary collective. The big moment is inevitably coming; make no mistake about that. What this moment brings on Earth will depend on all the energy factors involved. There will be a culmination point when the planet will either be forced to flush the wasted energy for recycling in order to push herself from the ashes or there will be a powerful surge of energy that literally slings her—and, potentially, humankind—into a new dimension of reality.

One culmination option will be painful and drastic on physical and spiritual levels. That option is the "unprepared" version. That version is the easier one in that it does not require much work in terms of preparedness. It is the hardest route to endure, but it is the easiest to bring about. Simply act as you have been, remaining unconscious and unaware of the need to change, and you will be right in place for a rocky, long and hard transition that will take perhaps a few more lifetimes of endurance.