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The New Human Templates

The New Human Templates The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from home. This day marks a very special time in human evolution on planet Earth. There are times of great change in the evolutionary cycles of every being and everything that you believe to be an entity. Of course, many of the living, breathing things humans do not consider to be alive actually are. Everything you see around you is living and breathing in some way. You think of many of these objects as inanimate. You pick up a seashell on the beach and say it has no life-force energy, yet we tell you that it does or you would not be able to pick it up. If it were not alive and evolving, it would not exist within the vibrational range to which you are attuned: your world.

Things are starting to change in your physical bodies. We have spoken before about the rewiring of humanity. Each of you is being rewired energetically to enable you to carry more light on this planet than you ever have before. What we mean by this is simple. Only a small portion of your real soul is in your physical body, though you have full attachment to all of it. You have access to every part of it through your higher selves, which open up the tiny piece of you called the physical being to the enormous reality of who you really are. This connection is starting to change.