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The Nearness of Heaven

The Nearness of Heaven Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. We take you now to a vision outside the recognized boundaries of human senses. In doing so, we seek to show that boundaries are often a perception that is inherited and no longer valid. We will use the term "heaven," but we seek to demonstrate the reality of the concept rather than a perception created to control others. It is a beneficial thing to revaluate what has gone before. It is also beneficial to perceive where and when you truly exist. We tell you now that waiting until you are dead to glimpse heaven is like waiting until you are dying to appreciate living.

Heaven is not a place, a geographic location. It is a state of existence. It is not always bound by gravity, but it still responds to the physical laws of the universe—only in ways that you do not comprehend while you are incarnate. It can be sensed by physical beings, but it cannot be literally seen. This is the thing that separates most people from heaven; reliance merely on actual vision, physical touch or sound will create a distance of perception, and the actuality will become vague to the perceiver.