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Love Is the Unifying Force of the Collective Consciousness

Love Is the Unifying Force of the Collective Consciousness Sarrinn with the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe

Welcome, lightworkers! We wonder if you know how much effort is being made to help human beings to know and to feel that they are loved. This is and has always been the primary effort of Universal Source in the eternal now; it is understood that if humans meet Source in the resonance of love and take time to feel the truth and the compassion of that love, the amnesia that has plagued humanity for so many centuries would be at an end, and the universe would experience an exponential expansion of energy that would change the outdated rules of your world forever.

Joyfully, Universal Source knows that this love will be received eventually; it is simply a matter of when. Will it be now? Or perhaps this now? Or is another now more auspicious? And Source understands that it doesn't matter when, especially since there is only now, and Source is enjoying everything It is learning in the meantime. After all, Source invented patience!