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Living in the Year of "Relationshifts"

Living in the Year of "Relationshifts" Jim Self

How do you experience relationship? Have you noticed that the world around you seems to be different? Are you becoming aware that people are relating to you differently? Have you noticed that as you communicate with them or offer assistance, they don't seem able to hear you or to accept what you have to say? Have you noticed that your relationships with your friends and others are no longer as interesting as they once were?

Many people are noticing huge changes in their relationships, some of which are not at all easy to deal with. Although we are aware of the "shift" and are preparing ourselves for change, we nonetheless are having these same challenges. Many of us are also finding ourselves wondering how we can fulfill our roles as healers, teachers and leaders, wondering how we can best offer assistance to those around us and how to draw the line consciously (and kindly) when others around us are choosing to stay stuck and asleep.