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A Healing Code: [13-33-333]: The Solfeggio Frequencies

A Healing Code: [13-33-333]: The Solfeggio Frequencies The Blue Ray Beings through Shekina Rose

Blessings of the holiest of light. It gives me pure delight in my heart to bring forth this transmission; I so have been waiting for it to come. As I am in sort of a trance when I channel and could barely keep up with all the activation of number sequences being downloaded, the heavenly hierarchy were all present for this channel to be created here on Earth. Many sacred high councils, beings of light—including the archangels Michael, Rachel, Gabriel and Metatron, along with Shekina and Gaia—were there, and many of their personal codes are in this transmission. The light codes of the archangels in this transmission are actually protecting and empowering this knowledge so that all the lightbearers, wherever they are in the world, will receive it and be awakened by it. How wonderful that science is validating the light!

My beloved star brothers and sisters, we stand with you in joy and jubilee as we celebrate a discovery that will bring a monumental shift of light and transformation to your life and world. The rediscovery of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies— a breakthrough scientific revelation, a musical divine gift of the heavens—is being restored to you and to humanity [33].