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Dancing in the Face of Difficulty

Dancing in the Face of Difficulty Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

There comes a time when upon your beloved Earth there flows forth a call. The call is from those who know somewhere deep within the hollows of their humanness, that there is something more, something that promises fulfillment, real joy and the ability to change the circumstances of life. The call is to those who have begun to change, to those who have changed and to those who are light-filled beings residing within awakened consciousness and full knowing of the totality of all within one being. We would not hesitate for one moment to say that you who receive these words, beloved ones, are those to whom the call flows forth.

You might feel a twinge of responsibility toward responding to the call. We know that you have heard it, felt it, recognized the suffering and the reaching out for relief from those who reside within the density of the illusion of separation from the whole. Of course you have wondered what you can do. You yearn not only to have the relief within your own lives, but also to assist others in their discovering of the pathway to the ever-open portal of awakened fulfillment of being.