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Closer to the Sun

Closer to the Sun mar de luz

Can you recall your elemental self? My father was a pilot during World War II, and he loved to fly. One of my earliest memories is of the mid-1950s when I was four years old, sitting on a swing all afternoon in our backyard in Fresno. I listened to the drone of airplanes as they rose, crested and slid overhead. The sound ebbed and waned as I swung back and forth, over and over again. What I was actually experiencing was the pulse of the Earth Mother (what physicists call spatial dynamics). I was listening to her voice, her curvature, rotation and orbit, as time drifted through space above me. But we don't know science at age four; all we know is instinct and emotion because we are so close to Source—as are the animals.

Our earliest memories can tell us who we are on a soul level because they are pure. The light of our elemental being is centered and of a very high vibration. This heavenly light is so high that it can be only perceived by some humans. Animals seem to sense purity of soul more easily than we do. We are entering a centering of wheels of light that are emanating from the center of our Mother Galaxy like rings in a pond. These waves of pure light originate from the stellar nursery in the center of the Milky Way, and we are more aligned with them now than we have been in nearly 26,000 years. The closest ring to our solar system is referred to as the "photon belt," because its span can be evidenced at this juncture of our solar system's orbit of our Mother Galaxy (which is estimated to take some 240 million years.) This evident "belt" could be likened to a halo of sorts or an elemental energy that surrounds our corner of the universe.