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Clearing the Way

Clearing the Way Michelle Karén

Mercury turns retrograde on August 20 until September 12 between 19°01' and 5°26' Virgo. Health, diet and exercise come to the forefront. We could resume abandoned studies, complete a manuscript, clear clutter and eliminate backlogged work. People we haven't seen in a long time could re-emerge in our lives. We should pay more attention than usual to details and cleanliness.

Pets and accounting matters also come into focus Jupiter continues to be retrograde this whole month (until November 18) between 3°17' and 1°06' Aries. These degrees are symbolized in the Sabian symbols by: "two lovers strolling through a secluded walk," "a cameo profile of a man in outline of his country" and "a comedian entertaining a group." Abundance comes to us by focusing on the things we love and are good at. As we follow our hearts, attaining our dreams becomes effortless and we are supported by the universe in the fulfillment of our visions.