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Building on a Strong Foundation

Building on a Strong Foundation Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

It is I, Kuthumi, who comes once more to speak to you, to share words of wisdom and to give you guidance. Many of you are experiencing great change in your lives on various levels. The structure you have built around yourselves is beginning to develop serious cracks. Many feel unsure and no longer secure. May I say to you: Look to the foundations you have so carefully built around yourselves and your immediate outer lives. The main question to ask yourselves is: "Have I built my life using my own resources or, because of my previous choices, does someone else have the main say?"

Let us look at this foundation issue. If you have built your life on a solid foundation, it will remain strong despite outward pressure. In order for this to be so, you will have relied on your own wisdom within. You will also be living within your own financial viability, having created a savings plan for your future and having maintained your security over linear time.