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The Lightbearers: No Heavy Lifting Required

The Lightbearers: No Heavy Lifting Required Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, now we will talk about a heavy subject. We will make light of the subject, because truly there are times when your world becomes too much for you, and it feels heavy. You listen to your news, and in truth it is not new. You listen to your commentators who comment on all the news. You listen to people giving their viewpoints over and over until you say, “What is happening to my world? What is happening in my world? How can I be in the place of love when all this around me seems to be going to wrack and ruin?” (I like that. It is a good combination of sounds, because that is what it sounds like — wrack and ruin.)

In truth, the peace you seek is always yours. The peace you seek is within. One deep breath followed by another deep breath and perhaps another will transport you from the place of the world to the place within where you can be the breath itself. Take a deep breath with me: Breathe in, hold, and let it go. Breathe in, hold, and let it go