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Embrace the Cause of Freedom

Embrace the Cause of Freedom Mahatma Gandhi Mother of Light Shockara Starbeings and Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

Mahatma Gandhi: Beloved children of God, you grow in my heart every day as I see you make wonderful strides and progress in bringing into the world the equality that has for so long been delayed and denied. The evil forces working to keep the status quo for humanity do not want to give up their tight control or stranglehold. Yet, you organize and unify to meet their awful energy with peaceful and continued protest. You show up in every way possible to finally bring systemic racism to its knees. It is time to take courage and hold each other up to stop racism in its tracks.

Arm in arm, hand in hand, and heart to heart, you make the greatest difference in the world. Your positive, healing energy motivates and fills the hearts and souls of your sisters and brothers who have been suffering terribly for years. They are grateful to you and working with you side by side to effect healing change.