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What to Expect This Year

What to Expect This Year Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, there have been questions coming up. You want to know, “What is the rest of this year going to bring? How can I prepare for the future?” Well, in truth, you cannot totally prepare, because you are creating what you call your “future” moment by moment as you go along according to what you feel reality — lowercase r — might be. But your possible reality is far greater, and at this point, it is wide open.

You are looking at the next several months of the year, and there are certain trends, suggestions, and ideas how it might go. You feel that you would like to see your brothers and sisters come together in peace and in value of each other, and that truly is in the works and will happen.

You have foreordained that you are going to come to a place where you have to evaluate where you stand on the spectrum of love and what is important to you. This is for you as an individual and for the whole of humankind, the brotherhood and sisterhood, to examine.