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Fully Commit to Service

Fully Commit to Service The Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Beloved Earth being, when you choose to work with us as we seed and grow greater consciousness of being in the universe, you experience our presence and see us in your mind’s eye in a beautiful and profound way. We appear initially as an unfolding and moving entity, like a cloud. Gray, brown, yellow, and gold change and interact within the cloud’s moving layers. We appear to activate energy within these colors that constantly change and move in intense and kinetic activity.

This takes your full attention and moves you energetically to approach the activated cloud within your being. Telepathic communication opens and expands so that you can understand and see more than your normal human senses. In essence, you tune in to our vibration and perception as your freewill choice.

Once you tune in to this radiant high frequency, you can access many aspects of the universe that you could not comprehend on your own. The 95 percent of the naturally invisible universe is available and comprehensible for your understanding and wisdom. You function in a grander, more receptive, and loving way as you ultimately learn how the universe unfolds and sustains itself in the full scope of creation. You feel as though you are fully embraced and supported by the cosmic energy of life.