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Essences of Nature: Ready or Not

Essences of Nature: Ready or Not Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Where do we start when we wish to start? What does it take for us to start? Does it take the perfect desk, a steaming cup of coffee, cookies, and quiet? Does it take the perfect playlist with the allotted time for our deadline? Does it take a temporary truce not to throw our work out the window or trash the last 1,000 words? Or does it take the ability to put one thought, one creation, or one stroke on canvas to commit to a place in time and space?

Maybe when we start, we feel fear rise up. How will we finish this? If we start one thing, does that mean we are locked into outcomes we can no longer contribute to or believe in? Does the act of starting obligate us to places we are afraid of committing to? What makes us take the ready-or-not leap?