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Be Present and Watchful

Be Present and Watchful Mahatma Gandhi; Mother of Light; and Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

Mahatma Gandhi: Beloved children of God, it is extremely important that you be present and watchful as you move in the world and determine how to live your life and what is most important to you. Always go deep within to see what matters most in your development and growth.

Look at the energy you are dealing with from your intuitive knowing, your great inner wisdom, and your gut feelings that never lead you astray. Call on the healing energies that support and guide you as you live and move in the world. They want to help you and know what is best for you in the deepest way.

I always looked to God and God’s great understanding and knowing. As a young man, I surrendered to the Brahman, the ultimate God energy that unites and connects the universe. I realize my full being within its scope and its embrace. I cannot thrive if I do not give myself completely to this loving energy.