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God Is Breathing In

God Is Breathing In Alison David Bird

Believe that you have the power to create whatever comes next in your life. The next moment is not decided; it is merely impacted by your now moment. If the now does not serve you, change it, and you will create the next moment. Nothing is set in stone. You can change your life and change another's. You can change the world and the universe itself, and you can do it now!

The universe expands and contracts in the inbreath and outbreath of Source. In its final moment of exhalation, all matter and antimatter extend to the limits of the envelope in expelling the last gasp. There follows a moment of stillness, of silence, a moment that is suspended in time, awaiting the creator, awaiting you to decide what comes next.

What could you create if you truly believed it was within your power? If you can believe that your reality is simply made of waves of particles that do not take form until they are influenced by the energy of your thoughts, would you change the way you think? Your thoughts affect your emotions, and the beliefs you hold around those thoughts form images in your mind's eye. When you view those images, they magnetize to the particle field; and your visions, governed by your belief system, are manifested into reality.