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You Are Living in a Self-Made Hologram

You Are Living in a Self-Made Hologram Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, we have spoken to you some time ago about the hologram that you are making. You have seen a hologram in some of your science-fiction movies in which ones look at the hologram of something happening in front of them. It would be very much alive, and they were observing it.

Truly, what you are living in this reality is a hologram of your own making. You are always making and changing — perhaps fine-tuning — your hologram, allowing other aspects to come in that you play with. The reality that you play with is very malleable. In other words, it’s very soft, and you can play with it like the Play-Doh that the small ones play with. They will make the various objects, and then if they do not like that, they mash it all together and start over. They make something new.

You do that with your reality. You remake it from time to time. If you do not like something that has happened in the past, where is that reality? It is in your mind, your memory, and you can go back and change a memory. You can.