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Essences of Nature: Standing Up and Showing Up

Essences of Nature: Standing Up and Showing Up Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We have often heard that 90 percent of success is showing up. We might feel it is easy to show up, but do we, really? We might wonder, “Who doesn’t know how to show up?” We appear. We make time, space, and opportunity to show up. What is the big deal? But do we really show up? Are we present? Do we participate? Do we know? Do we commit? Do we want to be there? Do we want to be somewhere else?

Showing up is how we participate and how we do what is important. What choices do we make to be involved with others and ourselves? How much do we invest in ourselves and of ourselves? What makes a difference when we make a difference? How do we commit and participate? How do we show up and stand up?

Madia essence counteracts our tendency to get lost in space. This remedy works to create clarity, direction, and focus. Madia essence challenges us to zero in on what we want to create. Madia essence shifts our attention and filters out unnecessary distractions.