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All You Need Lies Within

All You Need Lies Within Michel through David Reid Lowell

You are of this third-dimensional existence, so you are physically mortal and material. The mainstay of our mentoring is that you are a soul within a body before you are self-defined through material beingness. Second, you are the God of your own creation. You alone ultimately determine your life. There are random acts, and for those, you cannot share responsibility. You are not responsible for the actions of others, and you cannot change their behavior or choices. What you can do is share in the moment. But if that is not beneficial to your wellness, then you have to step aside and allow others their realities.

You are powerless over other people’s lives. You can share them, but you cannot change them. Many times you might have the urge to change someone, but you cannot. Each person has a path that is created through his or her life experiences.

We, Michel, are wholly spiritual, of the divine mind of Source, and immortal. We are ongoing consciousness, oneness. Because we are this, nothing of the material world can alter or change our spiritual selves, our essence. We have no dog in the fight, as your saying goes. We are concerned with sharing thoughts that challenge perspective and nudge you into thinking in new ways, alternative ways. Because this is of Source and the universe, of perfection of being, we deliver the message, and you can take what you need and leave the rest for another time.