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Essences of Nature: Reignite Your Childlike Enthusiasm

Essences of Nature: Reignite Your Childlike Enthusiasm Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

I was watching 60 Minutes last night and was captivated by the zest for life that J. J. Abrams exuded. He is the director and writer for the new Star Wars movie that many camped out for weeks in advance to see. My son is one of those avid fans, so the level of enthusiasm is near and dear to my heart.

This situation got me thinking about the last time I felt that way about anything. I know passion and purpose are the fuel for most creative projects. We need that extra rocket fuel to push through our obstacles. We need to believe when no one else believes. Much great art comes from working through the challenges, including our doubters. How do we navigate enhancing the practicality and the passion in our lives? Most of all, how do we stop doubting our abilities and ourselves?

for Confident Connection

Baby-blue-eyes essence restores our innocence. It is traditionally used when we become cynical and locked in by what we can’t do. We don’t trust anything or anyone. We gather all the reasons to not follow through, back them up with facts and supposed history, and stop what drives us before we get started. In some ways, this might be called a sour grapes remedy. We dismiss what we can have as unattainable. Therefore we limit ourselves and stifle our dreams.