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There Are No Ends — Only Beginnings

There Are No Ends — Only Beginnings Michel through David Reid Lowell

Michel, my mom is about to pass into spirit. What can you tell me about life, death, and moving through this process? I am afraid of so many things, and it makes me worry about my health, wellbeing, and own emotional wellness. I'm scared. Can you help me?

We can offer you words of support. We can offer you our faith to stand on, for what each of you has to offer one another is your own faith. For when your faith is weak, others should lay their faith down for you to stand on alongside them. Know you are not alone and that you are encompassed within an endless circle of love from those who stand with you in this life and those who stand with you in spirit-life, for all life is ongoing. There is no end — only beginning. Indeed, you are not alone, for you are loved.

You may be thinking that you should have stayed in touch more, been more accessible, and perhaps handled your life in different ways. All mothers and daughters share a complexity within their relationships, usually because they can anticipate each other's thoughts and behaviors. All children stay away too long and hold on to things for too long, as do parents. When things are going well, they become more physically or geographically distant, and when they have challenges they may reach out or return home, only to be more emotionally distant. And when those children become parents, their children will be much the same. So is the process of adulthood, learning, and growing. Each individual struggles to find his identity, and each individual makes his own choices for whatever reasons he chooses or self-justifies. Sometimes those choices are seemingly senseless, and perhaps not the best or most prudent choices to make, but perhaps the individual is hurt, angry, and resentful, and perhaps she is doing the best she can to work through a complex range of emotions. Each person will find their own path. Each person will discover their own truth, and each person will have to live with the choices they make. As you age, as you near the completion of your life cycle, you will think more and more about these things.