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Learn to Appreciate the Strength and Fragility of Life

Learn to Appreciate the Strength and Fragility of Life Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

Devoted children of our creator, herds of animals are moving upon Mother Earth in search of safe, habitable environments so they can live and grow in abundance and community. Humans continue to encroach on their sacred habitats without thinking ethically about the dire consequences of polluting and destroying what keeps them and you alive and well.

Work in Close Communion with Plants and the Soil

Your guardianship of Mother Earth and her vital resources is now essential for you and all living things to prosper. Even in the cities, it is time for you to plant and nourish flowers, shrubs, trees, and vegetables to sustain yourselves. Victory gardens are once again in vogue. They are essential for your well-being.

Your grandparents were farmers along with being workers in other arenas. They understood the value of growing their food and making their livelihoods and ends meet. They lived in close communion with Mother Earth, nature, the weather and climate, and the stars. They read the signs in the sky and saw what was coming.