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Essences of Nature: Itchy and Scratchy

Essences of Nature: Itchy and Scratchy Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Do you ever have those days when everything gets under your skin? You feel restless. You feel a sense of urgency. You feel discomfort. You feel out of sorts and out of sync. Everything and everyone is an irritant. If someone says or asks one more stupid or annoying thing, you will run out the door screaming — or some other version of not being able to take it anymore.

What happens when you feel all the above feelings and try, or at least attempt, to hold them all in? You still have all those urgencies getting ready to pop, but now they have no place to go. You stumble and fumble while creating various leaks, tears, and fears. Most of all, the more you ignore the signals, the more you can't afford not to. What is the message of that irritability and discomfort? How can you get the satisfaction of scratching that itch?

Beech Essence for Acceptance

Beech essence is the beast — or other "b-word" — essence. This is the essence to use when we can't stand our environment — that girl with the matching shoes and belt, that barking dog, the way our coworker opens sugar packets, or how our noses itch when our mate puts on that citrusy lotion. We just can't stand it, and it makes our behavior sinister, akin to Dr. Evil plotting his inspired revenge on the world. The key element showing the need for beech essence is being critical — critical of ourselves and critical of others. No one can get it right.