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Revise Reality to Reflect Your Heart’s Desires

Revise Reality to Reflect Your Heart’s Desires Elohim of Grace through Meredith Murphy

Many of you find yourselves wondering at times if you’re on track—if you’re actually living in such a way as to create the experience you wish to have. You wonder if it’s on its way, if it is really being manifest, if you’re allowing it, and if you’re somehow “doing it right.”

This need for validation and knowing is a very healthy thing. In essence, it’s a wonderful invitation that calls you to develop your connection with your inner way of believing in something. It tells you that you want to have more confidence in your life and your ability to create it. It speaks to your desire for a demonstration that what you believe is true in practical, real ways. This is the essence of the transparency of life unfolding in the current reality for many of you: the need to have the inner and outer worlds clearly reflected, which in turn facilitates having experiences that grow your trust and confidence in your ability to create reality.

To embrace and respond to the call of these feelings, you must actually step into the self-image of your true role: you are a powerful creator. You must begin to believe that you actually can command energy and direct the formation of reality with your focus and begin to put to the test the idea that you are able to do this and that it doesn’t matter if what you’re creating is big or small—it’s all the same thing.