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The Healing Power of Peace

The Healing Power of Peace Yeshua ben Jospeh (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, throughout various lifetimes, you have always sought me. You have wondered, “Where is that love? Where is that divine magic that I knew when I was with Yeshua?” You have served me every lifetime in various religious and philosophical orders, in lifetimes when you were the humble peasant and in lifetimes when you were the leaders who called forth your affinity and your friends in righteous service unto me as to what you believed in that lifetime. Always I have been with you, and always you have been with me.

Now I would speak with you about this year and the changes you are discovering. This year promises to be a year of change, a year of awakening for you and the brothers and sisters, awakening to see the world and its happenings in a new light, to see the true meaning of life. There is joy of life itself: the simple joy of being. Now, your world does not say that to you. Your world says that you must accomplish something. You have to get through a pile of work every day. There are deadlines that you have to meet and fulfill.

The world does not say to you to take a deep breath and to feel happy about yourself. But I say unto you: If not now, when? In other words, allow yourself to be joyful, to put the smile on your face, and no matter what is happening around you, to stand in the joy of yourself. No matter how much chaos may be happening around you—and there will be some chaos, because that comes with change—be able to say, “That is not me. I rise above it,” as I did upon the cross. I rose above the worldly power that seemed would have the last choice. But I allowed myself to rise above it and to know my Christ-self.