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Essences of Nature: Guilt Cocktails

Essences of Nature: Guilt Cocktails Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Where did we get the idea that we are not enough? Where did we get the idea that we don’t count? Why do we cringe when someone acknowledges something special we did? What makes us not measure up? Who do we think is measuring is? Is it us or is them?

What happens when we start to feel more worthy? What happens when we begin to acknowledge our value? Do we embrace our contributions? Do we question our abilities? Do we diminish our strengths? Do we make ourselves smaller so others can feel bigger? Do we hide out so we can’t be exposed? What do we think they will see if they see us? Do we feel guilty when we shine? How do we stop sipping and slipping on the guilt of either not being enough or being too much?

Mullein Essence for Character Building

Mullein essence cultivates personal integrity. It teaches us to stand up for what is right in the face of what others may believe. This essence helps us to listen to our inner imperative. Mullein essence is an essence for cellular honesty. With it, we find that the more we listen to the cues from our inner cores, the more we feel supported by our world.