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Essences of Nature: Using Your Words

Essences of Nature: Using Your Words Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

You can't find the words. You have all these important things you want to say and share. You start to articulate but it doesn't come out right. You scratch your head, hoping to connect the speech center. You look and feel misunderstood. You even misunderstand what you are trying to say. Those aren't the words. Why can't the words say what you want to say and mean what you want them to? You feel so frustrated by all those burning concepts, words, and feelings needing to come through but stay silent.

How many of us stay silent or are misunderstood by what we want to say? Do you find yourself saying "that is not what I meant"? Or "How did they get that from what I said?" Or "Are we speaking the same language?" Words ground your meaning into action. Words are your wand for change. What do your words want to say about you?