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Compassion Is Humanity’s Lifeboat

Compassion Is Humanity’s Lifeboat The Wisdom of Oneness through Judith K. Moore

The Wisdom of Oneness: Creation is a living hologram, and all of reality is a holographic field. Perceptual reality’s hologram affects the capacity for reality’s manifestation to be interpreted and perceived as existence as you know it. Love is the mirror of truth, and fear is the mirror of illusion and separation from creation’s divine hologram. The apocalyptic hologram is a dense vibration that mirrors fear and trauma and creates the manifestation of Armageddon. Creation pours forth the power of oneness and love, filling Earth’s holographic field with light that mirrors the divine reality. At this stage of resolution, the apocalyptic force is concentrated in high density as the apocalypse’s hologram manifests, as it must, in an intensified frequency