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Adaptable Meta-Heart Light Essence Matters

Adaptable Meta-Heart Light Essence Matters The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Masters of metaphysics and bio-essence love, light energy communication masters, energy potential magi, love- and life-fulfillment masters, and those lightbeings awakening, where are you now? And how do you adapt to the light? In review, you have left a new meta-matter light-fusion imprint for your soul-spirits and the entire cosmos to live as stellar beings of light. Indeed, you have already ascended and are remembering through your past and future into your now as to how you left the path imprint behind for others. Yes, you have ascended into your now conscious, enlightened realization and discarded the veils of purposeful forgetting/amnesia now that your meta-light awareness has arrived embodied in your soul-heart’s I Am presence.