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Your Different Vantage Points

Your Different Vantage Points Angel Raphael through Adria Estribou

Because knowledge is bigger than you are, it’s not always accurate to say, “I know this,” “This came from my highest self,” or “This came from my soul’s knowing.” It’s not always appropriate for you to know or understand where the knowing comes from. It’s like a field.

We’ll use the ocean as an example here. If you’re a drop of water in the ocean and you suddenly know something, you may not be able to fine-tune it enough to say, “Ah, this is from my knowing from the ocean space around Madagascar. Okay, I know where this knowing came from.” But because you have access to the full field of knowing, it is also yours. You have a full, divine right to have that knowing. So again, it might not come up with such clarity that you can answer how you know it or where it comes from, but you have the divine right to be in that field of knowing.