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You Serve through Your Creations

You Serve through Your Creations Jeshua of the Sacred Heart through Carlos Rubio

Dear ones, it is with great honor that I come before you to speak so that you can feel my presence in your field. Just like you, I am an ongoing expression of the love that my Father is, that God is. We are all a spark of that love. As you allow me as your friend, companion, and brother to enter your field, I bring with me this love so that we can share the love that we are and blend it into one, bringing it back into the oneness from which it came. The love that we are is what we have in common; it is what all life has in common. The vibration and resonance that is the frequency of God informs and animates who we are. It is the energy that we all share.

I invite you to be in that space of oneness, connectedness, and unity so that you feel that you are part of a bigger whole. Your existence is not unnoticed nor insignificant. It is precious, valuable, and adds to the wealth of the consciousness of God. Without you, there would be something missing, something not quite right in reality. Each of you is a precious jewel of consciousness necessary to animate the bigger organism. This consciousness is the ultimate expression of love that I call my Father or you call God.